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Hope Lives!

Hope Lives! Provider

The Lydia Dody Breast Cancer Foundation

The Atrium Health Spa is one of many Hope Lives! Providers of Complementary Care Program in Larimer County. The Program consists of many supportive modalities that can help a woman through her medical treatments to heal and recover more quickly on several levels; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Please see their website, for more information and to sign up for the Complementary Care Program.

If you are already a Hope Lives Complementary Care Recipient, please Email Us or call (970) 482-4760 to schedule the service of your choice. We will help get you on the right path of feeling good!

The Hope Lives Breast Cancer Support Center was founded in 2001 by Lydia Dody, a Ft Collins businesswoman who had battled breast cancer. After her recovery, Lydia wanted to ensure that the approximately 200 women in Larimer County and Windsor, CO diagnosed each year receive complete post-diagnosis support and care.

Their Mission is to Support and Strengthen those touched by Breast Cancer by providing Care, Guidance and Education.

Donna Corbett-Lewis was recently featured in Style Magazine as a Champions of Hope 2010 Honoree

Style Magazine salutes the winners of Hope Lives! Breast Cancer Support Center's Third Annual Champions of Hope 2010 Awards. We celebrate these tireless individuals for their unceasing commitment and service to the mothers, daughters, wives and sisters of Northern Colorado who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. We thank them for their generous support of Hope Lives. Through their efforts, women have been diagnosed earlier, been provided exceptional medical care, and been given the complementary care needed to enhance their physical, mental and emotional recovery.

Donna Corbett-Lewis

Care Provider Honoree
Donna Corbett-Lewis, Owner of Atrium Health Spa

"Joey, my dear friend and "buddy check" partner, changed my life! Joey, while doing her breast check in 1998, she found a lump. Within the month Joey found herself waking up from surgery with only one breast. I had the honor or walking with Joey through the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of this huge journey! I went on a mission to find what would help. My background as a massage therapist and in body-mind therapy enabled me to help her process the anger, rage, fear and "why me" questions."

"Joey told me that she was helped most by feeling a partnership with someone who would listen without judging, who also encouraged her, and who helped, as she said, "keep me out of the dumps. I did not have to walk it alone; I will never forget the support and love I received!"

"For seven years at the Atrium Health Spa, we have worked to help people detoxify after diagnosis. The joy of seeing Joey as a 12-year survivor has caused us to reach out to others who are dealing with cancer. We have added a focus on prevention and helping family members who are at high risk maintain their health."

"Our goal is to empower women to follow their passion and to give them hope. It has been my joy to hear women say, "this is a safe haven in my month of therapy. I can totally relax without being poked. Truly the highlight of my month is to come here."

-Donna Corbett-Lewis

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