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Body Balance® Testimonials

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Betty, at 79 she feels like 17 again!

Betty is a Body Balance and Oxygen Therapy Testimonial. Her lung capacity has increased and she feels like 17 again since taking Body Balance. Please watch the videos below for her full story as well as medical experts opinion of Betty's progress.

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Myles (a 4 year old boy with ADHD)

After three days of being on the medication, his behavior became noticeably more aggressive, especially with his sisters. Fortunately, through a friend his mother learned of this liquid nutritional supplement. She began giving him one ounce, twice a day. With his first taste there was a noticeable change within ten minutes and within twenty minutes there was a complete transformation.

Since then, Myles has been exclusively taking the Body Balance daily. He has been regularly using the toilet and sleeping through the night. He is more calm and able to focus on one activity at a time. Also, Myles had no friends. Before, other children would not play with him because of his behavior, now he has friends, this has been an amazing change. Myles mother said, "I thank the makers of Body Balance and my dear friends for introducing me to it. It has truly blessed my son and our family!"

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