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Massage Therapy Testimonies

Back Injury Pain

Dear Atrium Health Spa,

Clients who are presently working on Health Challenges or perhaps feel that they are at high risk for disease due to stressful life styles can positively change their life at the Atrium Health Spa. Donna Corbett-Lewis will certainly guide and assist you through the modalities that the Atrium has to offer, plus her expertise in Hot Stone Massages, Liquid supplements, Minerals and Calcium.

I can personally give testimony to the expert and good care that I have received since my back injury in November 2008. I have taken advantage of the Facial Release Massage, Ion Cleanse, Oxygen Therapy, and the Quantum Pulse machine. All of these modalities are assisting me on my journey towards better health, healing and restoration, plus insight towards a more peaceful and meaningful life. I highly recommend Donna Corbett-Lewis for her expertise to work with your breast cancer clients who may be in the acute stage or recurrence of the disease.

Yours Truly,
Evelyn, RN, PhD

Breast Cancer Survivor

After surgery from breast cancer, I benefited greatly from services received at the Atrium Health Spa. Owner and Certified Massage Therapist Donna Corbett-Lewis graciously participate in the Hope Lives Program.

I use the phrase, "I benefited" because without Donna's knowledge, experience, eagerness and compassion to help my recovery process, I know that my healing progress would have taken much longer. She not only focused on massage of the body, but also worked with my mind to help regain peace and balance. She was a God-send to me and my recovery. Her pamphlet says "Regain and Maintain Your Health" ...she did that and actually helped me RECLAIM my health, for both mind and body.

I would highly recommend any of her Massage and Spa services to anyone.

Christine Sanchez
Greeley, CO

Relief from 10 years of Sciatic Lower Back Pain

After 10 years of struggling with sciatic (lower back and hip) pain with out any relief, I discovered Donna at the Atrium Health Spa. We began Rossiter treatments (a deep tissue technique) and combined it with Hot Stone Massage, I immediately noticed a difference! I walked out with no pain! It lasted about 3 weeks, I was excited. Now I meet with Donna once a month and am able to maintain my pain free status! As an added (and unexpected) benefit, I have also noticed a reduction in edema (swelling) in my leg. This edema usually made my leg very stiff, but I can now move my toes more than I have been able to in years. I am so impressed with these treatments and would enthusiastically recommend them to others!

Ed Wisner

Testimony From Chris:

Severe pain wracked my body, and made it impossible for me to get a good nights sleep. I was only able to sleep 45 minutes to 2 hours at a time. The heat from the BioMat coupled with the wonderful Hot Stone Massage Donna gave me, resulted in so much pain relief, that now I have been able to get a full nights sleep, and my body is healing from my health crisis!

Thank you, Donna!

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