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Electron Therapy


Electron Therapy is for reducing pain, promotes inch lose, may improve internal function

In the past Electron Therapy was only available at prestigious salons such as Spa 451 in Beverly Hills and New York. Recently the Atrium Health Spa has brought this cutting edge technology to Fort Collins, Colorado. This treatment makes a great non-evasive alternative to liposuction.

  • Electron Therapy Treatment Benefits
  • Tighten and tone for anyone who wants to lose some inches
  • Firm up areas that won't firm up despite exercise
  • Alternative to working out because of injuries
  • Firm up and tone after just having a baby
  • Alternative to exercise or gym environments
  • $95.00 including ION Cleanse or Infrared Sauna after session.

Call (970) 482-4760 or Email Us today to book your Electron Therapy appointment. We look forward to helping you Regain and Maintain your Health.

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