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Oxygen Therapy and Chi Machine at the Atrium

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen stores the sun's energy so that all life can feed off of it. In fact, oxygen carries the energy of life itself. With all of the world's current pollution our oxygen levels have decreased dramatically.

Oxygen therapy will put back the missing oxygen your body needs in order to function at it's optimum level. Clients have reported less anxiety and more energy, and better mental clarity through their day. Parkinson clients stated in 18 days increased stamina/endurance by 50%

  • Oxygen Therapy Benefits:
  • Alleviates tiredness and remedy irregular sleeping patterns
  • Oxygen helps relieve all types of headaches
  • Helps in depression
  • Increase memory capacity and boost concentration
  • Detoxifies your blood
  • Gives you more energy while relieving stress and anxiety
  • Prevent lactic acid build up and Strengthens the immune system
  • Oxygen Therapy Rates:
  • $15.00 session
  • Free Chi Machine Session ($10.00 Value)

Chi Machine

The Chi Machine is a fifteen-minute aerobic movement produces a gentle vibration that increases oxygen at the cellular level to muscles and organs.

The Chi Machine will increase circulation, improve digestion, and relieve constipation, arthritis and other chronic conditions.

  • Chi Machine Rates:
  • $10.00 session
  • Free if combined with Oxygen Therapy

To book your Oxygen Therapy and Chi Machine appointment call (970) 482-4760 or Email Us Today!

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