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Health Spa Treatment Testimonies

Peggy's story

Client dealing with Parkinsons Disease

Peggy has been seeing a neurologist for over 5 years, and he would always say, "when you get to this stage, then we'll go on a stronger medicine, but I don't want to put you on a stronger medicine until we have to." She went in today, February 26th, 2008, and he is no longer thinking about putting Peggy on stronger medicine. He was so excited about her improvement. He saw improvement in her walking and in her balance. He also saw improvement in her hand coordination.

These improvements occurred since Peggy started using Oxygen Therapy and the Quantum Pulse machine. She started doing the treatments a little over a month ago, and has been coming in twice a day, skipping only a day or two over the weekend. She has also been using the Body Balance liquid nutrition and feels it is helping as well. Her neurologist had her walk backwards and try to stop on her own as a test of her balance and coordination. He would normally have to catch her because she was not able to stop without falling. He had her do this 3 times today, and she was able to stop every time without falling! Her husband Melvin said before she started doing the treatments, he had to make most of the meals, and do most of the housework. Peggy is now able to make the majority of their dinners, as well as doing some housework. She said she felt so bad for him before, but feels so much better, and now is able to help!

Kimberly's Story

Client dealing with Multiple Sclerosis

My name is Kimberly and I have Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed with MS in 1997. From the beginning, most of my symptoms were numbness in my hands and optic neuritis. In May 2006, I had an attack that left my leg weak. I could no longer tolerate heat like I used to, nor run very well. Even walking long distances was a struggle- my left leg would drag. In November 2006, my grandfather told me about something that he had been doing in Cheyenne, Wyoming to deal with his shoulder aches and pains. He said that many people with MS, Parkinson's, and cancer were also using the Quantum Pulse Machine and it was helping them with the quality of their life. I was very skeptical, but went with him for four sessions.

I couldn't believe how much stronger my left leg felt by the end of that fourth session! I was running up and down the hallways of my parent's house. Since I live in Fort Collins, I had to find something close to home! I found the Atrium Health Spa. I have been going there two to three times a week since the end of November 2006. I can honestly say that I do see a difference in my left leg. I have more strength. There are times on the job, I'm an elementary school teacher, and times when I'm playing with my 2 ½ year old son that I get fatigued. I always feel better after I go to the Atrium.

I continue using the treatments there as a part of my ongoing treatment for MS. I am also taking a liquid whole food supplement called Body Balance. I noticed that the Body Balance helps absorb other medications I am taking (i.e. Avonex) and allowing them to work better. All of these help give me more mental clarity, energy, and strength which MS robs me of. Overall, I would say my health has improved 40% since November when I started using Quantum Pulse Machine! I highly recommend coming to the Atrium Health Spa.

Back Injury Pain

Dear Atrium Health Spa,

Clients who are presently working on Health Challenges or perhaps feel that they are at high risk for disease due to stressful life styles can positively change their life at the Atrium Health Spa. Donna Corbett-Lewis will certainly guide and assist you through the modalities that the Atrium has to offer, plus her expertise in Hot Stone Massages, Liquid supplements, Minerals and Calcium.

I can personally give testimony to the expert and good care that I have received since my back injury in November 2008. I have taken advantage of the Facial Release Massage, Ion Cleanse, Oxygen Therapy, and the Quantum Pulse machine. All of these modalities are assisting me on my journey towards better health, healing and restoration, plus insight towards a more peaceful and meaningful life. I highly recommend Donna Corbett-Lewis for her expertise to work with your breast cancer clients who may be in the acute stage or recurrence of the disease.

Yours Truly,
Evelyn, RN, PhD

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